Agreement To Drive Company Vehicle

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If an employee does not comply with our guidelines on company cars, there will be disciplinary consequences. If an employee commits a minor offence, for example. B an unauthorized person drives the company car, we can reprimand and revoke the company car. Employees who are tired and/or sick should avoid driving if they feel that their ability to drive is impaired. In the event of illness during a business trip requiring the use of a company car, staff should take regular breaks during the trip or, if necessary, request accommodation options from staff in need. ABC Productions expects its employees to follow the rules with company cars. Like, for example. B: To use the actual cost method, you must determine the cost of operating the vehicle for the part of the total use of the vehicle for business purposes. These include gas, oil, repairs, insurance, etc., which are intended for the portion of miles for commercial use. A good way to track the use of personnel in the vehicle is to install a GPS tracking system in each vehicle. This will give you a clear picture of how your employees use company ownership, it will also help you verify that they are honest in their reports. Finally, the pursuit of GPS-equipped vehicles will help you locate the car in case it is stolen.

A “use of company vehicle policy personnel,” also known as “employee use of enterprise vehicle agreements,” is a document outlining the rules and rules an employee must follow to use a company vehicle. The document should cover the employer`s obligations, including vehicle maintenance, maintenance and insurance. We may dismiss a staff member and/or take legal action for more serious offences. This may include renting a company car for personal financial benefits or the cause of an accident during the intoxicating ride. Staff should comply with legal guidelines for exchanging information with other drivers and call local police in the event of a serious accident. The penny-per-mile rule – multiply the number of personal miles that are driven by the standard mile rate of $0.58 per mile (stand 2019). If you do not provide fuel, reduce the rate by 5.5 cents. It is also the section in which you set the rules to determine whether partners, spouses, children or other family members can use the ownership of the business. Finally, you indicate here whether suspended employees must return the company`s vehicle immediately or if there is additional time for returns. A company vehicle directive or enterprise vehicle use agreement defines employees eligible for a vehicle in the company`s fleet. In addition, the qualification requirements for a company car, the basic rules that employees must follow for the use of company vehicles and disciplinary measures for the misuse of vehicles are presented.