Airport Operating Agreement

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“This OA will help Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) strengthen our airports as air and logistics platforms in Malaysia. PETALING JAYA: A new operational agreement (OA) for Malaysia`s air bridges is expected to be concluded before the end of the year, says Dr. Wee Ka Siong of Datuk Seri (pictured). The relationship between the airlines and the airport is formalized by one form of contractual agreements. These agreements address operational issues such as the use and leasing of land and terminals, facility development, insurance requirements, other authorized uses and reporting of airline operational activities at the airport. This may include landing information, passenger and cargo information, aircraft parking and refueling. A flight agreement may also allow an airline to create an account for the payment of financial obligations at the airport. SEPANG – Malaysia Airports welcomes the Malaysian government`s confidence in the extension of operating agreements (OA) for the airport operator to operate, manage and maintain airports in Malaysia until 11 February 2069. Wee stressed that cooperation between MAHB and the government was crucial for the development of the country`s 39 airports, including five international airports, 16 domestic airports and 18 national airports (short take-off and landing airports), which serve more than 120 airlines and nearly 100 million passengers per year. Different types of flight agreements are available depending on the size of the aircraft, the frequency of flights and the offers offered. There are also different fares for signatory and non-signatory airlines.

Airport staff are available to help determine the form or forms (s) of the convention (s) that are appropriate for your proposed operation. All airport users operating aircraft up to or more than 6,000 pounds Certified Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight (CMGTW) must report their landing declarations and pay the corresponding landing fee. “Following the signing of the new DO, the operation and management of airports in Malaysia should be sustainable in the long term and provide MAHB with flexibility in implementing the development projects or initiatives needed to improve airport infrastructure and services, while providing better revenue to the government.” There is no doubt that the immediate need is for our airports to be modernized in the near future to support economic growth, attract international travellers, invest and create jobs,” he said. Dr. Wee also thanked mahB for organizing the three-day workshop over the weekend. He stated that the articles and clauses will form the basis of the government`s relationship with MAHB by February 11, 2069. The Member for Ayer Hitam had previously made his final remarks to key interest groups and participants in a MAHB OA workshop to finalize the articles and clauses of the OA. Earlier in the morning, the Ministry of Transport announced that the cabinet had authorized the extension of the OA and had replaced the two previous OAs signed on 12 February 2009 with four new OAs, namely OA for KLIA, OA for designated airports on the Malaysian peninsula, OA for Sarawak airports and OA for Sabah airports.