Construction License Access Agreement Sample

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Rivkin Radler also assists developers and landowners in negotiating access or licensing agreements for the protection of adjacent land during construction, demolition, excavation and construction. We will consult with your experts to review their plans for monitoring, scaffolding, support, weather protection, sidewalk protection, head protection and backyard protection and establishing a fair and adequate access agreement that protects the development rights and interests of the adjacent owner. If necessary, we prepare a summary procedure and put it in place to impose access and execution of an appropriate license agreement. Jeff advises horizontal and vertical project owners, real estate companies, joint ventures, joint ventures, institutional owners, narrow developers, lenders, investors, sponsors, project companies, utilities and private equity funds in the U.S. and U.S. on the financing and use of capital for their most complex and extensive commercial real estate, energy, infrastructure, transport and renewable energy projects 1995. Jeff applies a deep sense of practicability and business acumen and offers his clients significant insight and in-depth knowledge of every stage of project development and real estate, construction and financing. Since a building license access agreement is a voluntary agreement between two (or more) parties, there is virtually no limit to what can be included. However, in most cases, a building permit access agreement should have at least the following conditions: an essential element of a construction or renovation project is the contract between two or more parties. Rivkin Radler`s lawyers are familiar with any type of contract our clients need, including design contracts during the design phases, as well as construction management, general contractor and subcontractor contracts. Whether your project is based on a fixed royalty, a guaranteed maximum price, a cost plus a royalty or another basis, our lawyers understand the construction industry and negotiate any agreement tailored to the needs of each project with the aim of minimizing litigation and giving the parties the flexibility to resolve issues between them before proceeding with a dispute.

We also use Rivkin Radler`s extensive insurance fund to assess risks, assess insurance needs and meet insurance and indemnity requirements for all parties involved in the project. . . .