Covenant Health Cooperation And Services Agreement

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Dumelie added that the AHS`s plan to privatize laundry and laundry services “will involve a number of rural covenant sites.” Dumelie did not disclose which sites and how many Covenant Health employees would be affected. “Why are the Conservative government and the AHS so committed to giving billions of dollars to increase the profits of private companies, especially foreign companies? We have seen this when the care of the elderly is transmitted and we see it again with laboratory services,” explains Ballermann. AhS also indicated that it would consider the allocation of food services in the future. Details of this PSR have not yet been defined,” said an email from Karen Diaper, Covenant Health`s communications manager. These include food and environmental services, laundry and transcription services. Covenant Health is the largest Catholic health care provider in Canada. Founded on October 1, 2008 by Patrick Dumelie, after Alberta`s regional Catholic health care providers were merged under one jurisdiction. [1] The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees announced on Friday that it had been informed by Covenant Health of the 225 members who would lose their jobs as a result of the privatization of certain services. A spokesperson for Covenant Health says the PSR for laundry services will not have an impact on St. Joseph`s Home and Carmel Hospice, but the response is less clear with respect to food services. “Alberta Health Services (AHS) has not even bothered to consider maintaining public ownership of this critical part of the health care system,” says Elisabeth Ballermann, President of the HSAA. HSAA/NUPGE represents approximately 24,000 health professionals, including about 1,500 laboratory employees affected by the announcement. These members currently work for DynaLIFEDX, AHS and Covenant Health. There are no savings in this plan, just a reduction in services, so private providers can make a scapegoat for privatized health care, while the health and safety of any Albertan who needs medical care.

Privatization and job cuts in the health sector have been successful: Edmonton (October 21, 2014) – The announcement on October 17 by the new for-profit company that is taking over laboratory services is proof that the Alberta Conservative government will continue its ideology, which sees privatization as the only option for health, according to the Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSA/NUPGE). Bullying health heroes during a pandemic in turn endangers the health and safety of Albertans. Whoever does it is a villain – whether it`s His Prime Minister Kenney or his acolyst, health minister Shandro, and Finance Minister Toews – and the members of AUPE are willing to hit those bad guys on behalf of all Albertans and the health services on which we depend. Covenant Health has stated that it will follow Alberta Health Services (AHS) with respect to Premier Kenney`s plan for massive cuts and privatizations of hospital services, including clinical services, laundry and laundry services, environmental services, laboratory services and food services. “Neither AHS nor the Conservative government have voted to ensure that the privatization of laboratory services works on this scale. It was tested in Edmonton in 1995 and Calgary in 1996 and failed. And yet we are once again taking the same restless path. – Elisabeth Ballermann, President of the HSAA. Covenant Health employs more than 14,000 people, physicians and volunteers in 16 facilities in 11 Alberta municipalities, in collaboration with Alberta Health Services.

[4] Services include acute care, continuing education, assisted housing, hospice, rehabilitation and recreational care, as well as accommodation for the elderly. The 15-year contract to provide laboratory medical services in and around Edmonton, which includes the construction of a new laboratory facility, was awarded to Sonic Healthcare Limited of Australia.