General Services Agreement

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It Technology – Management Consulting Professional Services are service contracts (see IT services contract guidelines); Human resources benefit from service contracts; Accounting contracts and, management consulting service contracts. Read the definitions of the individual to see if the services provided require the use of this GSA/Schedules version. If this option is included, a party that violates the contract (also known as delay) is allowed to attempt to correct the violation within the specified time after receiving the notification. Parties can choose to include specific service repositories. These may be delays in which certain services must be completed or other project repositories without ancillary delays. The customer guarantees that everything he gives to the company to use it when delivering services or a delivery service is legally in possession or licensed. The client undertakes to keep the business free of all third-party claims relating to any aspect of the services, including, but without restriction, all claims, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including legal fees resulting from harm caused by the customer`s products/services, material provided by the customer, copyright infringements and defective products sold through the Services or Deliverables. Confidentiality rules prevent the service provider from disclosing the client`s confidential information and business secrets. They may also limit the duty of confidentiality to a specified period after the end of the relationship between the parties or only when the agreement comes into force. If these options serve to protect the client`s interests, then limiting the term may be a good idea. However, if the service provider learns confidential information and trade secrets that harm the client`s business when it is discovered, it is likely that the indefinite disclosure ban is a good idea. Financial review and insurance services are insurance service contracts that require financial reporting, including financial audits and audit warrants provided by individuals with a recognized professional accounting designation.