Hap Contract Use Agreement

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Part A of the contract contains basic information on the name of the tenant family, the address of the contract unit, the name of all members of the household, the first and last date of the initial tenancy period, the amount of the initial monthly rent to the landlord, the amount of the initial housing allowance, the services and equipment to be provided by the landlord and tenant , PHA and owner signatures [HCV Guidebook , P. 11-10 and 11-11]. The rental and rental costs serve as a contract between the lessor and the family, which defines the rights and obligations of both parties. The lease gives the family the right to occupy and use the interior and exterior of the unit for a certain period of time, according to the terms of the lease. A copy of the HUD rent supplement must be attached to the landlord. The approved lease premiums all other leases that the lessor could have executed with the family prior to the HAP contract with the MHA. Rent supplement: contains information that must be included in the rental agreement or attached to the rental agreement. Rent: a written agreement between a landlord or a landlord representative and a tenant for the rental of a dwelling unit to the tenant. The tenancy agreement sets out the conditions for the occupancy of the dwelling unit by a family with housing allowances under a PAH contract between the owner and the MHA.

The lease agreement must contain at least the following information: Part B is part of the contract. It describes in detail the program`s requirements regarding the roles and responsibilities of the owner and owner under the HCV program. The format of the HAP contract is defined by HUD. The HAP contract consists of three parts: Part C of the contract includes the rent supplement (HUD-52641-A form). The addendum outlines the rent requirements for the program and budget composition, as approved by the OHA. The landlord must sign the HUD rent supplement with the potential tenant and the tenant has the right to impose the rent turnover on the landlord. The terms of the rental endorsement prevail over all other provisions of the lease. Part B contains all the terms of the contract.