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Internet: Programm und DownloadKosten: 9,99 € pro Schüler (nicht ganz klar) OmniControlOmniControl ist ein Mediensystem zur Erstellung und Simulation von Schaltungen der Steuer- und Regelungstechnik in Lehr-/Lernsituationen. Über die Erstellung und Simulation hinaus kann OmniControl via dem Netzwerkprotokoll “Modbus” mit I/O-Buskopplern kommunizieren, so dass auch real vorhandene Hardware über OmniControl gesteuert bzw. geregelt werden kann. Download Wabeco has different speed versions of their mill, but in general it is a rather slow one. If it is a CNC version with ball cages (rail and driving nut), then it can run max 25 mm/s i.e. 1500 mm/min (e.g. in G0 commands). But due to its weak stepper controler, in general max. 2.0 Ampere ones, it can`t accelerate/decelerate fast, although its mechanics (ball screw, linear rails, stepper motor) would allow for more Amps (as far as I know 6A for the stepper motor. Bear in mind that nccad wants the speed given in mm/s * 10! Example: in nccad F250 stands for 25 mm/s. Stand: März 2018Bitte Beachten ! Dieser Download ist nur für Maschinen/Systeme von MAXcomputer GmbH geeignet! Kunden mit Fremdmaschinen, die mit unserer Steuerung ausgestattet sind, finden das aktuelle Update für ihr System über die Hilfefunktion ihrer Software: Hilfe ==> Update Download nanoCAD is an easy-to-use CAD application that delivers a great user experience by providing high performance, full capability, a classic interface and native .dwg format support. nanoCAD has been built to deliver design and project documentation for all industries.

nanoCAD includes a full suite of basic and advanced tools, for creating industry-standard DWG-compatible CAD files. nanoCAD provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to enhance your efficiency. nanoCAD includes several API`s, allowing anything from routine task automation to complex CAD application development. All for free. Internet: Programm und DownloadPädagogische Modellsoftware, ursprünglich von der Firma Crocodile Clips. Now i want to learn to make a G-code direktli in nccad but i dont understand how to do this. bear in mind that nccad only can do 2 1/2 D moves i.e., using the G2 or G3 command it only can move/interpolate two axis, not three. Thus, real 3D moves are not possible using G2 or G3 moves – at least from my experience (I am using nccad9 Profi, an it is a pain).

A workaround is to replace the G2 and G3 command generation in the Postprocessor by using interpolated 3D linear moves instead. By doing so, you will have to set the interpolation resolution. I stumbled across the same issue with my new Wabeco machine using nccad75. I modified the kosy postprocessor for fusion360 to work with nccad75 basic.