Sample Rental Agreement Germany

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Your lease also provides provisions for future rent increases. From a legal point of view, your landlord cannot increase your rent during the first 12 months of your tenancy agreement or within 20% (15% in some states) over a three-year period. Beautiful, you have already crossed the first hurdle: you have found your home in Germany! But before you sign your lease, let us go step by step so that everything is as clear as crystal is for you. The rental agreement between you and the owner establishes all the information in writing – and therefore all the rights and obligations of both parties. So make sure, before you sign, that your rights and obligations are clear and that nothing is missing. The lessor can only terminate a tenancy agreement in the following circumstances: Some contracts involve a waiver of the tenant`s right of withdrawal. As a general rule, such a waiver is only valid if it is less than 4 years. If you wish to resign within this time frame, you can only do so if you have to make a new transfer (and in other very specific circumstances) and if your interest exceeds the interest of the lessor (i.e.. You generally do not have the right to cancel 1-3 months before the expiry of the rental period, but it is likely that you will do so if the remaining time is more than 4 months). I am happy to send you an offer to translate your entire lease. A 5-day lease could cost 200 euros, a 20-day lease should pay back about 800-1000 euros depending on its complexity. If this is not realistic and you are pressed for time, send me the contract and I will send you an offer for an appointment to go through the most important points in person or on Skype, for about half the price of a written translation. Before signing your lease, check it to make sure it contains the following: although oral contracts are in principle legally binding, they are much more difficult to prove.

It is therefore advisable to enter into a lease agreement in writing in case of disagreement. Your rental agreement specifies the amount of rent you plan to pay. As a general rule, a payment date and a preferred payment method are indicated. The most common way to pay your rent is to transfer it to your landlord`s bank account. The lease agreement (contract/lease/lease) itself contains some important information, such as.B. it is less common that the heating costs of a house are covered as part of the ancillary costs on the rental contract. When fuel is to be delivered, tenants can enter into a regular contract called a permanent contract. In addition, your landlord cannot terminate your lease without a definitive reason (legitimate interest).