Software Maintenance And Support Agreement

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The customer is responsible for the fact that his staff is sufficiently trained to achieve and maintain the skills in the operation of the software. If Sencha finds, at Sencha`s sole discretion, that the solution is provided in the available media (including, but not limited to, documentation of source code, tutorials and examples, websites or support forums), Sencha can pass on the client`s staff to the relevant media in order to find the solution to the problem. Even if the request for assistance were thus resolved, all of the minimum support costs mentioned in Section 2 would remain applicable. The customer is responsible for all hardware, operating systems, network installation, network maintenance and configuration and use of all file control systems necessary to support the software. The client may be required to provide Sencha with reproducible test cases (s). In other cases, the customer may be required to grant Sencha limited access rights to the client`s proprietary computer systems in order to enable Sencha to provide services. In some cases, it may be necessary for the customer to grant resellers some limited access rights to the customer`s proprietary computer systems so that resellers can provide local voice support from resellers in accordance with Section 3c. Unless otherwise stated in the sales order form accompanying the Master Software license agreement, maintenance and support costs for maintenance and support services are calculated by 20% of the current list price of the level of license supported (all basic licenses and additional licenses previously ordered by the licensee). With the exception of the first year of maintenance and support costs due and payable in accordance with the sales order form attached to the Master Software license agreement, maintenance and support fees are optional after the first year. However, the non-payment of maintenance and assistance costs within a fortnight of receiving the licensee`s written insolvency results in the termination of the licensee`s obligations to provide maintenance and assistance services under this maintenance contract; and in this case, the provisions of Article 9 of the Master Software License Agreement apply. Maintenance and support fees are charged approximately 30 days each year before the end of the previous year`s period and these amounts are payable and payable in accordance with Article 12 of the Master Software License Agreement. The licensee will make reasonable economic efforts to resolve grade 3 severity issues in future maintenance versions.

All support features listed in this section are rated in x credits and are only available until the amount of x credits available in the customer`s support account at the time of the support incident.