Ubs Custody Agreement

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Deposit account prices are based on the value of the account. You will find more information in deposit prices for deliveries from private and corporate clients/Price Securities. Prices for FX/PM and OTCs can be calculated in addition to contractual fees. Please refer to a guide`s pricing plans for these fees. With a deposit account, we take on the following tasks: You appreciate secure deposit services and the efficient management of your securities. We offer you access to a full range of investment management services. Our global network of experienced sub-custodians ensures that your titles are managed efficiently and professionally. Securities lending is an important part of the financial system because it helps to increase the liquidity and efficiency of capital markets. It also helps to narrow the gap between the prices of thought and the price of thought, supporting the market and ensuring that all investors get fairer prices for their assets. In addition, you will automatically receive a detailed list of assets at the end of the year. This shows all assets with their current prices and values.

Interest and dividend coupons are automatically credited.