Vueling Interline Agreements

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Air France-KLM`s Transavia codeshares with its sister airline KLM and with SkyTeam`s Le Delta. Transavia France, based in Paris, does not have codeshare agreements. Qatar Airways and Vueling have signed an Interline agreement that will allow Qatar`s five-star national airline to increase passenger numbers to Europe while strengthening Vueling`s hubs in Rome and Barcelona. The agreement, which came into force on 1 September 2014, will also improve trans-European traffic by providing passengers with an even wider range of options for long-haul routes. The new code-sharing agreement, based on the Interline agreement signed in October 2014 between the two airlines, will enter into force immediately and bookings can be made today via Qatar Airways. One of the traditional barriers to LCC-FSC code-sharing agreements is the difference in service quality. In this regard, Vueling, which has always been more of a hybrid model, is better placed than many European LCs to connect to a full-service product. Thanks to our codeshare agreements with Iberia, we are able to offer more flights and destinations. The Barcelona-Madrid route offers up to 26 flights per day.

Lufthansa Group`s Eurowings codeshares with Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Group companies, as well as Star Air Canada, ANA and United members. Germanwings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, is also cooperating with these partners and in addition with Brussels Airlines and Condor (the latter two could extend their contracts to Eurowings, as they are increasingly coming from Germanwings). Thanks to our codeshare agreements with other airlines, we have made even more destinations and benefits available to you: partnerships of all kinds between Europe`s leading LCcs and full-service airlines are rare. The new codeshare between Qatar Airways and Vueling is based on the Interline agreement signed between the two in October 2014. In addition, it is a further strengthening of relations between the Doha-based super connector and IAG, of which it now owns 20%. Vueling joins British Airways in codeshare with Qatar Airways, but the new deal is more important. Even Interline agreements remain rare for low-cost European airlines. Ryanair has openly complied with the possibility of providing collision services on other airlines` long-haul networks, but has so far reached no agreement with a potential partner (particularly due to the difficulty of agreeing on cost allocation when a passenger misses a route). Spanish low-cost airline Vueling Airlines has signed an interline agreement with Royal Jordanian (RJ) allowing RJ passengers to reach vueling`s 150 cities via its Barcelona hub and 65 destinations at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Vueling`s second hub. Vueling has signed similar contracts with Cathay Pacific and Hainan Airline and has already entered into agreements with American Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways.

And all this with the added comfort of being able to book your flights via Nevertheless, it seems likely that Ryanair will reach such an agreement at some point, particularly given its growing presence at primary airports. It also announced plans to set up a test transfer service for its passengers in London Stansted and Barcelona.